Peyrano Chocolate begins with the selection of cocoa beans from various countries of Central America, each type of cocoa is toasted individually with different methods and times using only Ligurian olive wood that guarantees to keep intact taste and consistency. Subsequently it is passed to the peeling that transforms the beans into cocoa beans.


The grain is fed into mixers (melangeur) consisting of porphyry mills in a heated tank. The machines used date back to the years 20/30 of the last century and guarantee unchanged quality of the product for over 100 years. In this phase cocoa is compacted into loaves with different types of cocoa which are the basic recipe of every type of Peyrano chocolate, these breads are left to rest for at least 3 months.


After resting, the "cocoa bars" are dissolved and added with sugar and vanilla; the compound thus obtained is passed to the refining which, through a machine with steel cylinders, pulverizes it finely.


The powder is placed inside heated flat tanks and is concatenated and oxygenated for 72 hours in order to reduce the moisture of the dough and blend the aromas. Finally we have the chocolate flowing to the subsequent processing, ready to give taste and shape to our chocolates.