Our History

Over 100 years of taste.

In the distant 1915, just a few steps from the Po river and the most beautiful squares in Turin, the Peyrano chocolate factory was founded.

Starting with selected cocoa beans, toasted using Ligurian olive branches, Peyrano chocolate has delighted the finest Italian and world palates, offering the best chocolate produced according to tradition. Already suppliers of the Royal House of Savoy, the Peyrano company has expanded its production by bringing chocolate in fashion magazines in the '70s and exporting its products all over the world. The collaboration with important designers has finally crowned the combination of chocolate and luxury, maintaining the ancient and genuine preparation techniques enriched by new exquisite recipes. Today the company continues to be managed by the spouses Bruna and Giorgio Peyrano, custodians of the exquisite chocolate art and produces the famous giandujotti, pride and symbol of the city of Turin.